Raul Ibarra crowned King Dad 2015!

RAUL IBARRA, SR. crowned King Dad, 2015!
RAUL IBARRA, SR. crowned King Dad, 2015!

In ceremonies over Dad’s Weekend, Raul Ibarra, Sr., was crowned King Dad. Dad’s Weekend is dedicated to and created especially for all father-figures of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign students. King Dad nominees typically show a unique way of loving their students, clearly demonstrate a commitment to their role as a father, and are a role model of honesty and patience. Nominated by his son, Rual Ibarra, Jr. Mr. Ibarra exceeded these characteristics among the 30 plus nominations submitted.

In his nomination, his son writes, “My father is the most hardworking and strong willed person I know. From a very young age, he taught me that everything in life is earned and not given. He told me this from a very young age because everything he has in his life was earned through hard work and patience. My father came to the United States from Mexico at the age of 17 in search of a better life than he had in Mexico. He started working as a busboy in a small restaurant in Houston Texas until he started working in construction here in Illinois around the time he turned 21. He endured many hardships being here as a young man and trying to start a new life without the guidance of his parents.

But he faced those obstacles head on and became the man he is today. Even though he has worked many late nights he has always made king_dad_2015_image_2time to spend with me since the day I was born. He was the one who got me involved in sports from a very young age and also told me that doing well in school was the most important thing in life. He has made many sacrifices to provide for me and the rest of my family throughout his life and for that I cannot thank him enough. In my eyes, all of these things make him a King Dad.”

Congratulations to Raul Jr. and Raul.

Applications are submitted in early Fall. Watch for the announcement that the application process is open for King Dad, 2016!